12-12-2017 22:59
VOLUNTEERS have been celebrated by police.
12-12-2017 22:37
A SURVEY has revealed Hampshire shoppers spend more than 20 days researching, planning and buying Ch...
12-12-2017 21:59
MEMBERS of a Women’s Institute (WI) were welcomed to the Houses of Parliament by their local MP.
12-12-2017 17:36
SCHOOLGIRL Bethany Godman has told of being sent ‘flying’ in hit-and-run crash as she crossed the st...
12-12-2017 17:07
A CONVENIENCE store has been fined a quarter of a million pounds for health and safety failings.
12-12-2017 16:59
A SCHOOLBOY had his fingers severed while working in a Denmead farm shop, a court heard.
12-12-2017 15:26
HAPLESS shoplifter Christopher Burge was tackled by a police officer after stealing T-shirts.
12-12-2017 15:13
TOILETS could be built by Portsmouth City Council, the authority’s leader has said as she laid out £...
12-12-2017 15:10
CHEF Michael di Bella is on the shortlist to be named Parliamentary Pub Chef of the Year.
12-12-2017 14:55
WITH two days until the end of The News’ Comfort and Joy Christmas campaign, Reverend Canon Bob Whit...
12-12-2017 13:47
A former Tesco employee from Hampshire has been named the world’s highest earning YouTuber.
12-12-2017 13:43
CHILDREN spent a morning sliding around on the ice after Elsie Bushnell won her class a session on t...
12-12-2017 13:21
Four men forced their way into a convenience store and dragged the cashpoint out using a pick-up tru...
12-12-2017 13:00
St John Ambulance, the nation’s leading first aid charity has teamed up with The News to bring you s...